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Performers need metadata too


Performers need metadata too

A quick rundown on the metadata performers need to get paid – and how to provide that information correctly.

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What is music metadata?

Metadata is data that describes something, so in the context of sound recordings, it is data such as the Recording Title or Band or Artist Name. Find out more all about it here:

What is metadata?

What are PPL’s requirements when it comes to metadata?

PPL’s Repertoire Data Policy defines all the repertoire information that can be supplied to PPL, and whether that information is mandatory or optional, while the Repertoire Style Guide provides guidelines on how to correctly format some of that information. You can read both here:

View PPL’s Repertoire Data Policy and Repertoire Style Guide

How do I register my recordings with PPL?

Video tutorials and a user guide are available to take you through the process for registering your recordings with PPL. Find out more here:

How to register a recording with PPL

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