The Get Paid Guide

Further information

Some additional links and resources to help you on your way to getting paid.

    WIPO for Creators

    Explore the WIPO for Creators website, a valuable resource for creators looking for intellectual property insights and support. Visit: WIPO for Creators

    Dissecting the Digital Dollar

    Delve into 'The Digital Dollar' report, a comprehensive analysis of digital music revenue streams and the challenges faced by artists and creators. Access the full report here: Dissecting the Digital Dollar

    PRS Webinars

    Expand your knowledge and skills with PRS webinars. These informative sessions cover various topics relevant to music creators. Check out the available webinars here: PRS Webinars

    Getting in Touch with PRS

    Have a query and need to contact PRS? Find out how to get in touch with PRS for Music's support team in this helpful article: How Do I Get in Touch with PRS When I Have a Query?

    PRS Help Portal

    Access the PRS Help Portal for a wide range of articles and resources covering various topics related to PRS for Music. Explore the knowledge base here: PRS Help Portal

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