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What’s data got to do with it?


What’s data got to do with it?

When you register a song with PRS, we’ll ask you for some data. Find out what you need in this video.

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Registering works

Don't wait! Register your creations with PRS for Music as soon as you're done. Learn more here:

Registering Works

When should I register a work?

We recommend you register your works as soon as you've written them. This article explains more:

When should I register?

How do I register a work?

Confused about registering your work? No worries! Our article explains the process and provides helpful tutorials to guide you along the way. Check it out:

How to register

When am I getting paid?

Curious when you'll receive payment? We've got the answers! Read our article to learn all about payment schedules and how they work:

Getting Paid

Credits Due

Ensure accurate song metadata for your recordings from the get-go! Explore the Credits Due campaign, promoting complete metadata attachment at creation. Discover more here:

Credits Due

Want to know more about music copyright?

Check out this explainer:

Music Copyright Explained

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