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Know your codes: IPI v CAE


Know your codes: IPI v CAE

Want a super-quick guide to the data you need? Watch the vid.

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How do I find my membership number, IPI or CAE?

PRS membership number, IPI and CAE are the same number, and you’ll need it! Don't worry if you can't locate it; we're here to help. Check out this article:

Finding Your Membership Number, IPI, or CAE

How can I find a list of all my pseudonyms?

Want to see all your works across different pseudonyms? For detailed instructions, head over to the PRS Help Portal:

Finding a List of Your Pseudonyms

How do I add a pseudonym to my account?

Adding a pseudonym to your account is a breeze. Follow this handy guide to request a new pseudonym online:

Adding a Pseudonym to Your Account

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